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We are your partner in the field with expert advice and industry-leading seed traits, giving you access to Allegiant® seed and other leading seed brands. Our agronomists work side-by-side with you to determine the goals and production needs for your farm. We consider your soil type, tillage, budget needs and cultural practices to determine the hybrids that best meet your specific yield goals.

Allegiant® seed

Meet your profitability goals with innovative seed products that deliver strong performance and value. Every seed in the Allegiant family of corn, soybean and wheat products puts proven genetic traits and advanced technology to work in your fields. You can have confidence when working with trusted, local CHS agronomy experts who know your farm. And because you’re buying from a company you own, you know we stand behind our products.

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Allegiant® corn

Make the most from every corn acre and drive performance in new ways with Allegiant corn seed. Our corn lineup gives you leading-edge solutions with field-proven genetics, technologies and transgenic traits, reflecting what we’ve learned from our owners, test plots, data analytics and industry-leading partners.

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Allegiant® soybeans

You’ll find top-tier genetics, the newest traits and powerful technologies in the Allegiant soybean seed portfolio. Our selection is carefully chosen based on constant feedback from our farmer-owners about their priorities and ever-changing challenges, along with unique CHS insights as a leading soybean processor.

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Allegiant® wheat

Allegiant wheat seed brings you a competitive edge focused on yield, crop performance and in-demand characteristics. Working in collaboration with Monsanto, we're proud to offer you proven breeding and high-performance genetics. 

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CHS sunflower

Our agronomy and marketing experts work with sunflower growers from seed selection to harvest. When you partner with CHS, you gain access to quality seed, including proprietary Royal Hybrid® seed varieties, agronomic resources and global markets.

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Seed treatments

Protect your seed investment, improve seedling health, and complement your other crop protection methods with seed treatments from CHS – including customized options in some areas. Ask your CHS agronomy team about applying seed treatments to your soybean, cereal and other seed orders.

 STI Customized

Agriculture is a business of precision. You look at your business on a field-by-field basis because you're serious about optimal results. Now you can help improve those results with custom blended seed treatments that use proven products.

Artect® is a three-fungicide premix seed treatment for wheat, barley, triticale and oats. This convenient formulation controls and suppresses many common early-season diseases including seed decay, smut activity, Rhizoctonia spp. and Fusarium spp.

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Artect® FI is a ready-to-use fungicide and insecticide seed treatment that offers wheat growers protection against wireworms, Pythium, Fusarium (scab) and Rhizoctonia (root rot).

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Azential™ Zn is an EDTA chelated zinc seed treatment that is highly efficient and readily available for plant uptake. This zinc seed treatment helps to prevent early-season zinc deficiencies by jump-starting plant growth and root establishment.

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Armis™ FI provides protection for the entire plant with a dual mode of action creating a complete zone of defense above and below ground. This product protects against Pythium and Phytophthora species plus insects and other diseases.

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CHS Inoculants for soybeans has been reformulated to provide a high concentration of specially-selected Bradyrhizobium elkanii for nitrogen fixation.

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CHS Unlocked® contains naturally derived Cytokinin, Auxin, and Gibberellic plant growth regulators in the right balance for improving growth and development of many crops.

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CHS Unlocked® Pro contains naturally derived Homobrassinolide, Auxin and Gibberellic plant growth regulators in the right balance improving growth and development of many crops.

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